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Words make you think a thought, music makes you feel a feeling, a song makes you feel a thought…  – E Y Harburg

 Do you love to sing? Me too..! 

Perhaps you hum a tune when brushing your teeth, or serenade the vegetables as you prepare them for dinner; maybe you belt out rock tunes through slow moving traffic, or transform into a shower diva using the shampoo bottle as a microphone. Perhaps you have a drama school audition tomorrow, but your top notes are feeling restricted and you can’t breathe; or maybe you have been cast in a production and you need to maintain stamina as well as a healthy, balanced technique.

Singing is extremely curative and a therapeutic means of escapism. Whatever singer you are, Alexa’s Hampshire based 1-1 singing lessons are tailored to suit each student as an individual artist. Considering each personal need and goal, and combatting bad habits and inhibitions along the way, Alexa strives to help each student become a free, robust and confident singer.

So, what are you waiting for?

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“After a little over a month of singing lessons, I already feel I have grown in confidence and control. The sessions are more enjoyable and informative than any I have had previously, and I would recommend them to anyone. I look forward to them every week!”

Daniel Purdue

“I first approached Alexa for singing lessons to be able to help me in my ABRSM violin exams, and I also had in mind the possibility of embarking on the ABRSM singing exam route. After seeing Alexa’s showreel, I knew that I would be in good hands. From my very first lesson with Alexa I felt at ease, self-confident and already started to feel like a ‘real singer.’ At no point did I feel uncomfortable or out of my depth. My lessons have ignited a further spark in me that now I am looking at the London College of Music’s Musical Theatre syllabus with the hope of starting their exams early next year. Going from a complete beginner who only ever ‘sung in the shower’ to someone who is already feeling confident enough to be looking forward to singing exams is testament to Alexa’s encouraging and professional singing tuition.”

Michael Azzopardi